We have been developing and manufacturing machines and systems for over 50 years.

To develop our products further we stay in close contact with our customers, cooperating with planning offices and universities. Our company Motto is: best quality and standards to produce reliable, customer-driven solutions. We have a very qualified technical staff that focuses on providing outstanding solutions based upon our customer’s requirements. For over 50 years, we've been creating steel works and equipment engineering.

Our production area covers 10,000+ m². The Crane capacity is 40 tons. We can manufacture complicated and large steel structures. Thanks to our qualified staff and modern production facilities can we provide short reaction and throughput times. In sheet metal processing, we use industrial laser cutting machines and bending benches. CNC or NC controlled milling machines and turning lathes ensure high precision. Our modern weld shop uses an automated robotic welding system.

Facts & Figures

  • 10,000+ m² production area
  • 20,000+ m² storage and open space
  • 40 metric tons crane capacity
  • Industrial Laser cutter to a length of 16 meters
  • Bending bench to a length of 14 meters
  • CNC or NC turning and milling machines
  • Robotic welding system
  • Free jet and continuous sand blasting booth
  • Paint shop

HMT Hebing Maschinen-Technik GmbH