2. February 2023

HMT offers employees job bikes

Corporate bike leasing as a targeted contribution to employee health and more sustainable mobility / Employees benefit from new government funding. Rhede, February 2, 2023 Allows your employees to use high-quality rental bikes and e-bikes with immediate effect. With the JobRad leasing offer, HMT wants to promote the health of […]
22. September 2022

Rheder Modell

“We” wins: Support projects in and for Rhede with the “Rheder Modell”. As a company, we bear social and societal responsibility. We are therefore pleased that we can participate in the “Rheder Modell” funding program together with currently 21 local companies. With this innovative idea, which was presented by the […]
30. August 2022

Weigh house for trucks with comfort

The new weighing house for trucks in Cologne is fully equipped with the all what necessary and a lot of pleasant details. Measuring 20 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high, the innovative station cannot be overlooked. In addition to the functionality, the weighing house is a comfortable […]

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