1. September 2021

Merger of the two locations Bocholt and Rhede to the new HMT Hebing Maschinen-Technik GmbH

As of August 03.2021, the operating companies HMT GmbH, Bocholt, HMT Baugeräte und Raumsysteme GmbH, Rhede were merged with HMT Hebing Maschinen-Technik GmbH. The new HMT Hebing Maschinen-Technik GmbH at the “Rhede location site” has now 62 employees. They are in sales and production of flue gas fittings, special containers, […]
16. September 2021

New Industrial laser has arrived!!!

Our new laser “Phoenix FL-6020” from the company LVD has arrived! The PHOENIX FL 6020 is a “fiber laser cutting machine”, with automatic shuttle table. The cutting range is from 6100mm to 2035mm. It is equipped with a II-VI Highyag BIMO-FCS cutting head with zoom function. The zoom function permits […]
30. August 2022

Weigh house for trucks with comfort

The new weighing house for trucks in Cologne is fully equipped with the all what necessary and a lot of pleasant details. Measuring 20 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high, the innovative station cannot be overlooked. In addition to the functionality, the weighing house is a comfortable […]